Jonas Viteri Fernández
︎    @jonasvf

Graphic designer with a specialisation in print and 2d design. My services include visual identites, logo design, book design (including phd theses), and type design.

‘El Rey de Reyes’ 2020
︎︎︎ Bilingual book about the ‘pases del Niño’, Syncretic processions in and around my fathers hometown of Riobamba in Ecuador.

‘Laat Bloeien’ 2019
︎︎︎Identity for ‘Laat Bloeien’, a 60+ festival. 
Developed while interning at Circus Engelbregt.
‘Riso posters’ 2020
︎︎︎3 triple layered risograph prints; pink yellow and blue.
‘Mascarada’ 2016
︎︎︎Poster for my fathers exhibition in Riobamba, Ecuador.

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